Wood is the greatest material on earth that comes from nature that it has been part of our civilization since the dawn of time.

Beautiful, sustainable, durable and infinitely variable in style and function, wood has been used for thousands of years, and has proven its durability in countless ways.

Incomparable design and finishing flexibility, Wood add significant value to your gifts, thanks to its timeless beauty.

As the leading manufacturer of wooden packing and gift products in Turkey, Kupon Ahşap focus on providing innovative designs to our customers by finding new creative ways to reveal and highlight the natural and timeless beauty of wood .

We are committed to serve our esteemed Business Customers with the principle of highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our company provides a great selection of unique, elegant , high quality wooden products to Turkey's leading companies and we create custom made and personalized wooden box, packing and gift articles by using various techniques.

We are happy to announce that throughout the years we have been producing wooden products for several big national and international companies from Europe, USA and Middle East.

Kupon Ahşap offers a wide range of services starting from designing to manufacturing and printing to packaging in our own factory. In all steps of our production line, we use the newest technology and first class raw materials. With highly motivated and skilled staff and craftsmen, combined with a selected material and well planned production process, we are able to produce high quality products with competitive prices.

With our 35 years of experience and knowledge, we are happy to serve you with our Eco friendly products and we would be very pleased to see you among our esteemed customers.

Choosing wood will set you apart ..